Marketing & Communications Manager at Adecco

Margarita Álvarez’s professional career is marked by an idea: pursuing the challenge of achieving happiness in all facets of life. Her journey, which was closely linked to Coca-Cola for fifteen years, has led her to various different positions within the company, including her last position as Experimental Marketing Manager, and most importantly, President of the Coca-Cola Institute of Happiness, a global pioneer organization. She also took on an important role in institutional communications in Spain with the media and interest groups, and even presented various special spots on television (Antena3).

Margarita joined Adecco in April of 2011 and, since then, her objective has been to implement this vital philosophy in the company and bring about change in the business culture. If there is a place where happiness is important, it is the workplace. This is why she has been the primary promoter of the “REDvolución” project, an initiative that strives to show solidarity with people who are currently unemployed and help guide them in their employment orientation.
Since 2014, Margarita has promoted the Employment Innovation Observatory (EIO) as the General Secretary. This action platform led by Adecco along with the country’s leading companies, strives to bring about real, effective changes in the Spanish job market.

Margarita has had an exciting education and life.
She studied a Law degree and took advantage of that time to explore the world of employment through diverse jobs: a photography studio, legal advisory, naval engineering company, and electronics company. Her last job led her to work abroad and, before finishing her university studies, she had already founded a joint venture in Bratislava (Slovakia). After obtaining an MBA at the Company Institute (IE), she was recruited by Coca-Cola. She has also served as a professor at the Company Institute. Furthermore, Margarita has been chosen as one of the TOP 100 most influential women in Spain.
In terms of her personal life, Margarita, who is married with three children, is an avid adventurer: triathlons, bungee jumping, motorcycles, cars, skiing, Paris-Dakar …

En Adecco estamos comprometidos con la generación joven mejor preparada de la historia y nuestros principales retos pasan por atraer, retener y desarrollar de la mejor manera el talento joven, el talento de los milennials. Tanto es así que hemos puesto en marcha diversas iniciativas como el Observatorio de Innovación en el Empleo, compuesto por más de 20 grandes empresas, cuyo primer tema ha sido el gap que existe entre la formación que reciben los jóvenes y el mundo de la empresa. Por eso, estamos en el Summit, porque Adecco está allí donde se apoya a los jóvenes.