Customer Relationship Manager at Cyberclick

Estela Viñarás has more than 10 years dedicated to the world of marketing and the Internet.
Her career began with the conducting of focus groups in the area of ​​market research, due to the great interest that generated the interpersonal relationships and cognitive psychology applied to the development of new products. This passion for communication and people enabled her to gradually acquire profiles responsible for managing accounts and team coordination. The various career stages have earned her an expertise in the world of promotional marketing, web conceptualizing projects and results-oriented digital advertising.

She works in Cyberclick, where she has been contributing to the growth and retention of the core business clients, as well as to personal and professional fulfillment of all the people who make up the “happiest” team.

 “Fun and commitment to the company are not at odds, there is a new understanding of work based on trust where people’s happiness is possible.”